Biography | Chris and Jessica Riley


“Chris and Jessica both dedicated their hearts and talents to God at very early ages and it has been their dream to write songs that glorify Him. Their heart is to live a lifestyle of worship, building community in the body of Christ, reaching the people that may never step foot in a church building and taking care of children that have no where to go. Since married May 26, 2013 they have launched into traveling together leading worship at churches in the United States. “Sing Hallelujah” was their first original single together released December 2013.  June 20th 2015 they released their debut EP (album) “No Greater Love” produced by Gabriel Wilson.

January 2014 they launched a Non For Profit organization called Breath of Heaven to unite people to the heart of God through music and provide a safe place for children in need. They recently moved to Jamestown, Tennessee to start a self sustaining farm and safe house for children orphaned due to death, domestic violence or drug related issues in the family.  When they are not traveling, they are traveling with their photography business, serving at their local church as well as working toward the future of Breath of Heaven at their farm. “